Radio Guerrilha EP --> Rock / Afro-beat / Hip-Hop / Brazil


Influences: Rage Against, Nação Zumbi, Mundo Livre S/A,
Asian Dub Foundation, BNegão, Instituto, Planet Hemp,
Dub War, Jonh Coltrane, Clash, Bob Marley, Devotos,
Pavilhão, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys,
George Clinton....

Rádio Guerrilha - Traja Preta (2007)

1.Tormento Urbano
3.Conspiração SIlenciosa
4.Cano Frio ----> Listen MP3
5.Piromaniac (Ingles Version)

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3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

PQP, sonzera irada essa hein!!!!
Muito obrigado por nos apresentar esses tipos de som que não chegam nunca ao nossos ouvidos!!!!
Parabéns a todos e força!!!

Zé doidinho disse...

que som legal!!!!obrigado por este post, muito bom conhecer novos trampos e dessa qualidade!!!!parabéns ao blog e parabéns a banda........

paulex disse...

Name: Paulo Dias (Paulex)

Country: Lisbon

Born Paulo Dias in Lisbon, Portugal. ‘Paulex’ began his career in music at the age of 13 when he joined a local hip-hop group in school. Performing at talent shows and local parties also acting in a few plays in the neighborhood. Through the years he has worked with producers such as ‘Selah Jendayi’ who produced tracks for reggae artists like ‘Super Cat’ and ‘Exodus Supreme’,

Guy Parker who worked with ‘Screaming Nudes’ and ‘Dog Voices’, also super producer ‘Lorenzo Dibencio‘ who worked with the likes of Wycleaf Jean, Wutang Clan, Frankie Valley, Jars of Clay etc, Brian Csentsis who produced music for Steve Brown and Future 86. Paulex is now currently working with mega producer Max Casanova of Clear Cut Studios.

From Bhangra to Gangsta to Club themed Hip-Hop Paulex incorporates all sorts of combinations to create his own style of music.

Currently chasing his roots Paulex seeks to land of record deal with a major company in Portugal, while waiting for the right deal to come upon, Paulex stays active in delivering mixtapes to the streets and clubs in Portuguese communities within the United States and Canada. Co-owning along with DJ-MadMan, their own music imprint ‘Gangsta Muzik’ and his own motion picture company ‘959 Films’ only time will tell if Paulex will be the next biggest Portuguese Hip-Hop Star.

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