Brugada (2008) --> NuMetal / Metal / Experimental / Norway


From being a six-membered band calling themselves Boulevard
Knights for about a month, they changed their name to Cellar
Door and played songs like Fade To Black (Metallica),
Y'all Want A Single (Korn) and Aerials (SOAD), but they also
made their very first own song, then called ''Curses On The Floor''.
About a year later the band discussed the fact that three
guitarists were quite many, and Fredrik Hammersland took a
respectful hike back to his roots in the rythm of blues.
The band started creating songs all along, such as ''My Stone Mason'',
''Thank You'' (earlier ''Curses On The Floor''), ''Resurrection''
and ''Cheesy Gossip''. The Mustang Sally cover also became a
great success for Brugada, who at the time called themselves
Ratamahatta. Ratamahatta was a fact until the winter of 2007.

Brugada EP (2008)

01 Ethanol
02 High ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
03 When She Takes Her Home To Her!
04 Drive Me (Far Out)
05 Shic
RapidSpread: Clique Aqui

All tnx to band BRUGADA for share EP !!!

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Anônimo disse...

Pleasant surprise! Thanks for posting this, man!

- Thomas, lead singer of Brugada.

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