Onyx (2008) --> Rap / Hip Hop / USA


"...The group was formed in 1989 and Onyx released its first 12" single,
"Ah, and We Do it Like This", in 1990. The song sounded very jazz
influenced, much unlike their later work. In 1991 Onyx was going
to present a demo to Jam Master Jay at Def Jam, but Big DS and
Sonee Seeza (then only known as Suave) were in Connecticut at
the time, so Fredro Starr called up his cousin Sticky Fingaz
(who was always rhyming while working in a barber shop).
Once Sticky Fingaz joined the group, the group released
the Throw Ya Gunz EP in 1992..."

Onyx - Cold Case Files: Murda Investigation (2008)

01. U.S.G
02. Ghetto Way Of Thinking
03. O.N.Y.X
04. See U In Hell Pt. 2
05. Evil Streets Remix (feat. Method Man)
06. Rock U
07. Hydro
08. Purse Snatchaz Pt. 2
09. Wili'n Wili'n
10. Free Style
11. I'll Murda U (feat. Gang Green)
12. Mad World
13. I Don't Want To Die
14. Return Of The Madface ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
15. Candy Man
16. Hard To Be A Thug

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