The Slumlord Crew (2007) --> Rap / Metal / HC / EUA


The Slumlord Crew is a project formed by Nor-Cal musicians reppin'
the 209, the East and South Bay, as well the dirty 530.
Our mission is to represent and support the underground scene in an
environment that has been too long suppressed by MTV, Corporate
America and the music industry in general. Our sound is influenced
by various genres of music. Just a few of the influences include:
Public Enemy, Slayer,Slipknot, Hieroglyphics, Souls of Mischief,
Lica Sto, Insolence,Pantera, Tool, Agent Orange, Snot, Hatebreed,
Cypress Hill, Sick of it All, Biohazard, Hed(p.e.), Tech N9ne,
Kotton Mouth Kings, NWA, Necro , Danny Diablo, LA COKA NOSTRA,
Ill Bill, UGP,Jedi Mind Tricks...and too many more to name here.

The Slumlord Crew - Demo (2007)

01. Blast in the night
02. Go Wild ----> YouTube Video
03. Lucky Charms
04. One More Drink

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Anônimo disse...

Hey wazzup?
Love your site.
You got anything of Chapter 11?
Would be great if you could upload something.


Anônimo disse...

hey! desde EBDBP queremos darte la bienvenida a nuestra nueva casa :D espermos que les guste tanto como la antigua:

Anônimo disse...

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