Animus Divine –> Groove Metal / “StreetMetal” / USA / with DJ


"...The energetic fierce track takes you sonic levels of heavy metal and at the same
time an essence of street core. They have also been known for their explosive live
shows and have quite often stolen the spotlight when opening for bands with the
likes of Static-X, Devil Driver, In This Moment, Gwar, Winds of Plague, Mushroomhead,
Fear Factory, and Born of Osiris. The band recently destroyed the competition winning
the Headbang for the Highway The Summer Slaughter Tour showcase in Arizona in
front of a packed house.
Animus Divine, an intense hybrid metal band from Arizona has just unleashed their new
music video for No Respect. The track is the lead single from Animus Divine’s new album
“NOVO, which was produced by From First To Last and D.R.U.G.S. guitarist Matt Good..."


Check out the video here:

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