Bed –> NuMetal / Ukraine / Old School Style


Igor Naglukov – Vocals
Max Alekhin – Drums
Arthur Kovalenko -Bass
Andrey Orel - Guitar

"...We are a young, energetic band from Cherkassy, Ukraine playing in the
style # nu_metal, # mzfk, # alternative, # rapcore.
Gathered in January 2014. Before that, we went completely different paths,
but even then, each of us had the idea to create a group whose music would
display our thoughts, our attitudes and our musical tastes.
Our goal is to recreate the sound from the 90s, when # nu_metal was at the
peak of its popularity. Undoubtedly our masterminds are # koRn, # deftones
and # limp_bizkit, but we are not trying to replicate the concept of their music,
but doing our music, while adhering to the very "sound" 90..."


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