Spitting Distance –> NuMetal / USA

spitting distance

Members: Jesse Lemons - Multi-Instrumentalist, Devin Clark – Vocals

”…Currently just a two man band, Spitting Distance actually started out as
only a one man band. Guitarist Jesse Lemons started writing instrumental
alternative metal songs back in 2010, but felt his singing voice wasn't strong
enough to front the band alone, so the search for a singer/songwriting partner began.
Luckily in the meantime, friends and fellow musicians helped fill in the bassist and
drummer roles, as well as helping with some of the earlier recording/mixing sessions.
The tracks were there, they just needed a voice.
They are currently working on releasing their first EP before the end of 2014.
It will have 4 songs, "Surge" (already streaming now on ReverbNation,
SoundCloud and YouTube), "A Reason to Breathe", "Memento" and "Draw First Blood"..."



Nu Metal Never Die !

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