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"..Inner Image is an American Nu Metal/Hard rock band with a home
base in Houston, TX.  As of 2013, the band consist of
Carlos Gutierrez (vocals), Ino Garcia (guitar), Rob Guerrero (lead guitar),
Brady Wink (bass), and Pablo Cerda (drums).
The band was formed in 2009, when former member,
Joe Cokonougher, and Brady Wink met in technical classes in Houston, TX.
  The two started discussing their love for heavy music and started hanging
out and writing some of the earlier riffs that would be used in the beginning
songs of Inner Image.  Little did they know on the other side of Houston,
Anthony Garza and Carlos Gutierrez were doing the same thing.
With drummer Howie Cassan on drums, Brady and Joe started rehearsing
and jamming. Two short months later, Carlos would show up to audition
and Inner Image was formed..."





Inner Image - Inner Image (2013)


1. Juggernaut
2. Scout
3. Left Behind
4. For You
5. Picture
6. Teacher
7. The Right Price
8. Plastik
9. Tree Fiddy

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