Cyphar –> RapCore / UK / New Video


"...Playing in rock and grunge bands for years, I felt that that kind of thing had
been done to deathby so many other people, with my love of hiphop music,
I wanted to do something a bit different,something that I would listen to and
something challenging to playIn 2008 (I think) after my previous band split,
I bumped into an old friend, Martin,we grew up together since about 5 years old,
hadnt really seen him much over the previous few years or so, but I knew he
was an ex garage MC, and I knew that he was sick on the guitar,so, I got in
contact with him, told him about my idea, kind of a Jay-Z - linkin park kind of
thingbut with better beats and a london vibe to it, he said "yeh, sounds like an
idea, lets do it"..."


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