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"...SimpLe is an amazing band and this cd is one of the better ones that I have had
the pleasure of hearing in the past year. Hailing from the MA area which seems to
have an unendless supply of likewise bands combining metal and melody,
SimpLe is definitely one of the frontrunners of this music scene.
SimpLe's sound is a fusion of hard and fast, melodic and soothing, and dark and
beautiful music that comes at the listener like a ten ton hammer and then eases
them into slumber only to pound the listener into oblivion. Featuring incredibly thick,
downtuned riffs, some freaky guitar work, pulsating bass, and a fusillade of drums,
this music will absolutely keep the listener enthralled. Not exactly original or the most
talented music in the world but they have their own style which they pull off very well.
The vocals are just amazing. Featuring lead singer Keith and two backing vocalists,
each with his own sound and style. All together they mesh with the music for an
incredible sound. The lead singer has a lighter, edgy voice who has a beautiful melodic
side and then switches to an incredibly heavy voice ala Pantera's Philip Anselmo..."




Simple - Rise Of A Fallen Empire (1999)


1. Analog Transmissions from Channel Z(pt 1)
2. Smother'd
3. Middle Skool
4. Last 2 Know
5. I Dream in Color
6. Ritalin
7. Fall
8. 168
9. Analog Transmissions from Channel Z(pt 2)

Link: Mega
(credits to RISEEEE)


01 - Before I Sink
02 - I'm not laughing
03 - Transparent
04 - Worthington

Link: Mega

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