32 Leaves (2005) --> Modern Rock


32 Leaves offers up powerful, driving rock that
is as at once aggressive and heavy, melodic and subtle.
Sonically, they could be compared to kindred spirits
like Deftones, A Perfect Circle or Dredg, but 32 Leaves'
unique musical identity is found within the composition
of their songs, their live shows and their relationships
with each other and the world around them.

32 Leaves - Welcome To The Fall (2005)

1. Sudden Change
2. Blood On My Hands
3. Never Even There
4. Your Lies
5. Wide Awake
6. Waiting
7. Interlude To Addiction
8. Makeshift
9. Overflow
10. All Is Numb ----> YouTube Video
11. Watching You Dissapear
12. Deep Breath
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2 comentários:

Xeno disse...


the 32 leaves album has only 9 songs...where are the last 3? can you re-upload?

thank you

H$ disse...

man, look this


file OK!!!

:) download again

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