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Facebath, a Reno based band influenced by everything
from elcetronica, underground hip hop, metal / hardcore,
and industrial has spent the last four years evolving
from just two trance and hip hop d.j.'s and a metal
drummer into seven dedicated musicians simply wanting
to make a musical difference in the armpit of America.
The band has gone through all the up and downs,
from member changes, rap rock pigeon holing camparisons,
and has transitioned to packing local clubs,
touring West Coast venues, and earning the respect
of not only a wide fan base, but also the respect of our peers.

Facebath - Facebath (2003)

01. In Spit Of You
02. Bitch ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
03. Circle Of Pain
04. Stalker
05. Air Raid
06. Killing Spree

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