Fidget (2003) --> Alternative


"...Based in Germany FiDGEt have toured Europe extensively
supporting the likes of The Lost Prophets, Incubus,
Dog Eat Dog, and The Donots, with appearances at major
festivals culminating in a storming performance at
“Woodstock Festival Poland” to 350,000 fans..."

Fidget - Celebrate Another Day Living (2003)

1. Dustbin Laws
2. Sanity Is Mother To The Hardest Riot
3. Celebrate Another Day Living
4. Time To Go Home
5. Shaping The Riverbed
6. The Marks Of Those
7. Oreo
8. Cut
9. Not A Destination...A Journey
10. Tapir
11. Fourth Word
12. Add (Nun)
RapidShare: Clique Aqui

Youtube Video: HERE

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