Psyko Dalek (2006) --> Metal / Rap / HardCore


Psyko Dalek formed with the purpose of bringing memorable riffs
and infectious lyrics back to the front of the Glasgow music
scene and even though there have been numerous line-up changes
in the past, the desire of this now solid unit is greater than ever.
The band have had support slots with the likes
of Clutch, Downset, Skindred, Pitchshifter, Dry Kill Logic, Panic Cell, Soil and My Ruin.
If you come to a Psyko Dalek gig you will not be disappointed
as anyone who has seen us live will be sure to tell you,
a PD live show is the way these songs were made to be heard.
'Metal Hammer Magazine - June 2005' - "They rock like interplanetary
bastards live and i urge you to go see them....."


Psyko Dalek - Dead to Some (2006)

1. Farewell
2. Dead to Some
3. This Pain Inside ----> Listen MP3
4. Bulletproof
5. Hard to Kill
6. Everything
7. Son of 100 Maniacs
8. No Shame
9. Samurai ----> Listen MP3
10. 187
11. Materia Cave

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