Brotherhood Foundation

"...After a radiosilence of almost ten years Brotherhood Foundation is back
on the airwaves for one final round. This crossover hardcore-metalband
from Killburg (Tilburg, Holland) rocked the underground scenes in Belgium
and Holland all through the nineties with their high-octane live performances.
One of the most memorable shows happened at the Groezrock festival and
neither of them, the band nor the festival, was ever the same again.
That’s why Groezrock asked the Brotherhood Foundation to celebrate their
20th anniversary together. The bandmembers agreed. They decided to do
two exclusive shows, one in their hometown Tilburg (Holland) and one
here at Groezrock. So here we go, one last time, one last blast of the
groove, the loudness and the pure fucking energy that is Brotherhood Foundation.
One last time to get your socks blown off and to go home with a big smile.
The two singers, Patrick and Gary, will come from different continents to
get back together with their Dutch soulmates Jeps, Corne and Tom to reconnect
and groove again. The Brothers are back! Better Believe it!..."


Track : Jump Around ( house of pain cover
Album : Denying the truth ... is denying the youth.
Year : 1998

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