Raw --> Altern. / CrossOver / Germany

  "...Emotional and poignant. These attributes as well shoot through my head first,
when a previously lowbrow audience first hears the sound of RAW.
Because, whether this makes five to his name and stomps out of the speakers
in a wild brutality, or almost cute to call Santander playfulness delicate guitar
harmonies intones - you can never doubt the authenticity of this band.
RAW have found their own path on which it is in the forest of Rapcore,
Nu Metal and Crossover already moving away from the beaten track.
And how do you get out there, fit to combine driving guitar riffs with 
some melancholy, some rough vocals in a drawer without any x-nu metal combos?
RAW is the musical answer .....
A mixture of melancholy, sad and beautiful vocal arrangements and punchy 
guitar work blends a unique style that is both on CD as well, in particular,
to live a memorable experience..."



Raw - Unique (2006) (Some songs)


01 - Last Chance
02 - Self Control
03 - Words

Link: 4shared

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