Zombie Joe --> NuMetal / CorossOver / Alt. Metal / Germany

"...Zombie Joe released their first album Vegas in 2002 and it soon became 
one of my favorite albums from that year. It’s incredibly diverse, light 
and calm one moment and brutally hard the next. Soft vocals suddenly
erupt into menacing guitar riffs. Every time I listen to Vegas, it leaves
me wanting more. Zombie Joe’s second album Schlachthaus Baby
turned out to be a bit more docile. While some songs aren’t as heavy 
as I’d like, I think it’s slightly more refined than their debut and still 
very much worth listening to..."



Zombie Joe - Vegas (2002)


01. Intro
02. Vegas
03. Diskordia
04. Kopf
05. Ligeia
06. Feind
07. Wunder
08. Spiegel
09. Jedes Wort Zuviel
10. Sukkubus
11. Vulva
12. Kadath
13. Rumpf
14. Im Hohen Gras 

Link: 4shared

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Anônimo disse...

Thanks a lot, dude ! I lost my copy of Vegas years ago and it's not for sale anymore. Awesome post !

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