Ginger's Cinnamon Gang (2011) --> NuMetal / RapCore / OldSchool / Germany

 "...Ginger's Cinnamon Gang. This name stands for bold crossover
sound directly from the Baltic coast. One thing is clear here lacks
neither Groove nor more necessary to hardness. Since two years ago,
the four officially Rostock at the start and convince their concerts 
with a skillful blend of rap and alternative metal..."



Ginger's Cinnamon Gang - Stereotype Us (2011)


1 Fly 3:39
2 System 3:11
3 Solutions 4:03
4 Known Pictures 3:48
5 In Your Face 3:08
6 Time to Stay 3:21
7 Satisfaction 3:53
8 Bring the Sound 5:16  ----- [Listen]
Link: 4shared

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