Extraction Point (2011) --> NuMetal / RapMetal / Philippines

 "...Extraction Point is an Alternative Rap/Nu metal band from Baguio City, Philippines. 
The group consists of vocalists CJ Serrano and Mark Anthony "Mackoy" Sia, 
guitarists Gian Fonacier and JJ Matias, drummer Yvan Fonacier and bassist Egglord Arevalo.
 Extraction Point was founded in 2009 in Baguio City, Philippines. The line-up consisted
of the members Gian Fonacier and JJ Matias as guitarists, Egglord Arevalo as bassist, 
Yvan Fonacier as drummer and two vocalists, Mackoy Sia and CJ Serrano. Guitarists 
Gian Fonacier, JJ Matias and Vocalist CJ Serrano started the band named Extraction Point.
The band member knew each other in school but Gian Fonacier added his younger brother 
Yvan Fonacier as drummer of the band..."

Extraction Point  - Extraction Point (2011)


01- Sacrifice
02- Battle To Fold
03- Dying Demons
04- Never Forget
05- One Blood ------ [Listen]
06- Sacrifice (acoustic)
 07- One Blood (acoustic)

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