Coffeen Trauma (2011) --> Crossover / RapCore / Italy

"...We are Coffee(n) trauma, a group of five characters that makes spokesman of a
musical expression note as "Rapcore." In the name there are 3 fundamental elements:
Coffee, Trauma and Coffin (Coffee(n)=Coffin). Each of these represents the existence
 of each of us that it develops him with the routine (The "COFFEE" in this case
represents the individual "worker" and therefore under pressure), the "TRAUMA"
of the way of living, in how much the man is not a Robot, and therefore he finds
again obsessed by anxieties and worries, and finally the "COFFIN", rhetoric figure
 that points out the terminal of the emotions, therefore the death..."  

Coffeen Trauma - Coffeen Trauma (EP) 


 01 -  Intro
02- Aria Ossigeno (scratch by Needle Vandals)
03- Rabbia (scratch by Needle Vandals) ----- [Listen]
04- Silenzio Zero
05- Coffeen Trauma

Link: 4shared

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