VP-1 (2007) --> NuMetal / Core / Germany

"...There was a thunderstorm brutal metal and hardcore riffs, the VP-1 broke loose. 
Rough vocals slammed into the ear canals and resulted in melodic choruses that
were already hanging on first hearing. The big plus of the band was their 
independence. Plagiarism is to be simple, but VP-1 managed the balancing act to
find its own niche, but without denying the influences of their musical heroes..."



VP-1 - No Time For Second Thoughts (2007)


01. Egon 04:11
02. Goodbye 05:10
03. Memories 03:56
04. That Remains To Be Seen 04:42
05. Get A Grip 04:14
06. Floorfiller 05:17
07. Proof 03:41
08. Rock Da Beat (Bonus Track) 04:14
09. Stomp (Bonus Track) 03:47
10. Smiled Upon By Fate (Bonus Track) 04:53

Link: 4shared

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