Evangelion (2011) --> NuMetal / Melodic / Rapcore / Spain

"...Evangelion is born in 2002 of the rupture of diverse groups.
 After numerous changes in the formation Alex, Sergio, Angel and Javi are
the members that form the band. In March of 2006 they record its first EP titled A-3,
 this contains 5 songs. At the moment they are giving concerts and presenting its EP
 so that to people it likes so much as to the same band..."
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Evangelion – Things To Do Before Dying (2011)


1. Start Again
2. Get Out
3. November
4. Silver spoon
5. Forget me
6. Given Up
7. Las Goodbay
8. Empty Words
9. Domino Theory
10. Nobosy forgets
11. You are the Problem
12. The Place Between Us
13. Rain

Link: HotFile / MediaFire

tnx to ЯomaN and band for share link

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