Rebel Matic --> Rap / Metal / Punk / USA

"...Rebel Matic is an alternative/punk rock/hip hop band from Brooklyn, NY.
  I was introduced to their music by a friend in the Underground.  The first time
 I heard their name, I thought they were a modern day cliche of a hard rock band:
 that’s until I listened to Rebel Matic’s album.  If you’re anything like myself,
then you at one point or another thought that music was dead until you took a
visit to the Underground and listened to unsigned artists that were looked over
 and this band is no exception..."



Rebel Matic - Prey for the Vulture (2009)


01 Get Up N Go
02 The Edge
03 Don't Follow Me
04 Top of the Mourning
05 Reckless Eyeballin
06 Set Myself on Fire
07 Close As Strangers
08 Ballad of The Cyclops
09 Silent Alarm (You Killed Osama)
10 Wet Baby

Link: 4shared

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