Projeto Umano (2006) --> NuMetal / Brazil

"...Band formed in 2001, the need to talk about what we feel in our lives,
 in relation to what happens in the world today.
 We have no intention of changing anyone, much less create radical groups. 

The purpose of this  project is not to form any legion or some kind of fad,
but rather express their feelings through music and nothing else. 
Feelings of any human being, hence the name.
 The word Umano without "H" refers to an incomplete being as all t

hat currently exist, incomplete human beings, unfortunate and uninformed..."



Projeto Umano - P001 (2006)


01 - Prisioneiro Do Medo ----- [Youtube Video]
02 - Bolor ----- [Youtube Video]
03 - Existencia
04 - Ferida
05 - Sintoma
06 - Engano
07 - Martírio
08 - Atraso
09 - 1.27 A.M.
10 - Atraso (Versão 1) (Bonus Track)
11 - Atraso (Versão 2) (Bonus Track)
12 - Reflexo (Bonus Track)

Link: 4shared

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