Mindcollision (2009) --> RapCore / CrossOver / Switzerland

"...Disarmingly honest - that present the texts of the crossover band Mind Collision.
 In the center are the questions of why, and the sense of impermanence.
In his converts openly flaunted the everyday sense of anger and powerlessness
which since its founding in 2002, playing the same line-quartet in the footsteps of
Rage Against the Machine or the Deftones. Musically, the central Swiss have a large
 bandwidth, which ranges from about crossover metal to Rapcore. Battle on the
Bands in 2009, often stung Mind Collision on the way to the finals more than
 40 competitors..."


New Album release on spring 2012


Mindcollision - Demo Tape (2009)


01 - Natures Law
02 - Please
03 - Mindcollison

04 - BONUS-Make My Day
05 - BONUS-You're Always Right

Link: 4shared

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Mindcollision disse...

Music video by Mindcollision performing DRUNKEN MARGARITAS out now!

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