Legacey (2012) --> Rap / Rock / Hip Hop / Metal

"...Out of the darkest pits of Indiana Comes Legacey! the warlord of Rap and Metal
fused together to free you from the mundane grasp of the music business and its
constant shoving of musical bullshit down the throats of listeners worldwide.
Their time is up! And Legacey is here to pave the way!..."



Best of Legacey (2012)


01- Enlighten me
02- I dont like u
03- Dreadfull sun
04- Exile
05- Deep in tha water
06- Open the sky for me
07- Injection
08- Right now (feat. Korn) ------ [Listen]
09- Sin
10- The face of joker
11- Exoskelaton
12- D man
13- Get Away (feat. Slipknot)
14- Patience
15- On tha run (Real Version)
16- Testament
17- Hell yeah
18- Skater boy
19- Ways of the world
20- Doowit at
21- Lobby
22- The get up
23- Welcome to my state

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