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"...London based Inner City Dwellers are a new voice socially-disaffected Britain.
Their music fuses rap, punk & nu-metal with their mix of abrasive, 
metallic guitar riffs and articulate, estate-culture rapping.
 With the emphasis for their first EP and album being on their broken Britain stance,
they are readily able to connect with the younger generation of music consumers;
their music is pushing anti-establishment messages in the way that 
Rage Against The Machine, Discharge & The Sex Pistols have done before them.
 Frontman Patrick Williams is perhaps best known in the drum n bass scene as MC Rage.
Having toured internationally for ten years as tour MC Rage for the likes of Goldie 
and Pendulum, Patrick Williams has most recently been the resident live and DJ MC..."



Inner City Dwellers (2010)


01 - Beef On Road
02 - Brand New Machine ----- [Youtube Video]
03 - Open Up Your Eyes
04 - Rudeboy

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