Inhale --> NuMetal / (ex-Sonic Syndicate) Vocal / Sweden

 "...INHALE was formed 1998. The music was then a mix between nu-metal
and hard-core with Swedish lyrics. It didn't take long before labels showed
interest for the band, and in 1999 they where signed to a Swedish production
label and the debut-album was recorded(Känn på DET!!!). Although many
labels considered the album promising it was delayed and didn't hit the stores
until spring 2002. This resulted in a poor sale of the album and a departure 
of two members, in other words... INHALE split up..."



Inhale – Kann pa det!!! (2002) (320kbp/s)


01 Allt du har
02 Lego (rika barn leka bäst)
03 Attraherad
04 Befängda tankar
05 Kom loss
06 Jag är du
07 Statisk elektricitet
08 Känn på det
09 Blod
10 Lämnamigifred!!!
11 Bedragen

Link: MediaFire

tnx to Eastwood, respect bro!

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