Chipset Zero (2007) --> NuMetal (Brazil)


Formed in 1997, Chipset Zerø mixes several styles
inside the traditional metal / thrash metal
(riffs weighed and distorted), from elements of the
electronic music, alternative rock, rap, industrial
rock and percussões Afro-Brazilian.
His current formation is: Tubarão in the vocal
one and percussion, Ayka in the bass and backing vocals,
Ronny guitar and backing vocals, Japa in the guitar,
Alê in the sampler and planning, Jaime in the percussion
and Jamil in the drumm.

Chipset Zero - Red-O-Matic (2007)

01 - Mental Cage
02 - Hybrid Song
03 - Scanning
04 - Asphixia
05 - Off
06 - Technotic Head
07 - Dead Eyes
08 - M78
09 - Noise
10 - Bio-Chip
11 - Eternal Flame
12 - Expired
13 - Hipnox

All the available MP3 HERE

4 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

what do you do , I only know english

Anônimo disse...

mto bom o blog kra!!!
to fazendo um tb agora...dah uma moral lah!!!
ae...tava vendo seus arquivos...tem como vc reupar o cd do Capitol Eye nao??
por favor kra!!so seu fan!

Anônimo disse...

could you upload it somewehere? i dont have a clue how to download this :/

Anônimo disse...

This is a solid album! good stuff. Download instructions: click the song u want to download, right click the embedded media player and copy the address to the song/mp3 that is located in the properties. Paste that address into a browser and go! :-)

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