Ill Niño (2008) --> NuMetal


The Ill Niño is a North American band, but what
it is formed, at present, by 3 Brazilians
(the singer Cristian Machado, the percusionist Danny Couto
and the guitarist Jardel Paisante, who recently left the band),
a Peruvian (the baetrista Dave Chavarri),
and two North Americans (Ahrue Luster, guitarist,
and Laz Pina, bear). And through the sound of the band,
it is possible to realize this present "Latinity" in the band.

Ill Niño - Enigma (PROMO EP)(2008)

01.Finger Painting (With The Enemy)
02.Guerrilla Carnival
03.Hot Summer's Tragedy
04.The Alibi Of Tyrants ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
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