Socialistiks (2000) --> Hip Hop ( Deftones DJ project)


DJ Frank's (Deftones) hip-hop group.
He was with them for a few years and released 2 albums
with them, B-Boyism, and Ghettoguerrilatacktiks,
which was produced by DJ Crook of Team Sleep.
They opened for Deftones at least a couple times.
Check out the discography for more album info.

Socialistiks - Ghettoguerillatactiks (2000)

1. Simple Savior's Revolution 0:15
2. Deadly Game 3:25
3. Spittin' 3:11
4. FSKO 4:20
5. Refa Wonder 2:27
6. Provide 5:02
7. One Mo' Gen 3:02 ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
8. Puttin' 3:43
9. ItDown (Feat. Ten a Shus) 1:06
10. Choke Sessions 4:44
11. Hit And Run Feat. Livestock 3:22
12. Wicked City Remix 1:21

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2 comentários:

Pix disse...

Hi, this a great album... i´ve been looking for it... nice post... hey i was wondering i´ve been looking for the albums of this band call Muscaria, they are from ecuador.. have you hear of them or do you have any of their albums... i can´t find anything on the web...

Love your blog...

Anônimo disse...

Can you reload those album?

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