Trendkill (2005) --> Metal


This is the Swedish band Trendkill's debut release.
Instead of the usual Swedish metal sound, this band
is strictly metalcore. You'll hear influences of
bands like Meshuggah, Machine Head and Hatebreed.
The songs are intense and brutual,
and the vocals aggressive yelling

Trendkill - No Longer Buried (2005)

01 - Judge Me Now
02 - Dedication ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
03 - Timeless Quality
04 - Break The Silence ----> YouTube Video
05 - One Step Closer
06 - Walking Dead
07 - Headshot
08 - From The Beginning
09 - Nothing For Granted

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tnx Rodrigo!

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Anônimo disse...

Thanks for this dude!
You're doing a great job here!
Heavy New Year!

Anônimo disse...

This one is so good = THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

Happy new rapcore year!
(...of the boomerang)

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