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Here’s one from , london, on., canada. Outside of
this area of the country, it is doubtful that
anybody’s really heard of this project, but they
made a big impact locally back in 96 when this
album dropped, first independently, then later
being reissued by mca/universal music.
It’s on the rock/rap tip, and listening to it now,
a decade later.

Genocide - For Your Mind (1996)

01 - Intro
02 - Makin'em Mad ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
03 - Drop the Bomb
04 - Face the Pain
05 - Look at What They Got
06 - Recipe for a Riot
07 - Listen as I Laugh
08 - Mad Remix
09 - Ode to the Slamdancer
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tnx Rodrigo!

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