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Strapt is a seven-piece rap-metal band
from Los Angeles that employs three MCs
and a slew of tricks from the grab bag that
so many bands have dipped into in the
last five years. The difference between Strapt
and every other rap-metal band is desperation.

Strapt - Los Anarchy Chaosfornia (2005)

1. Worldwide (Feat. Bushido) ----> YouTube Video ! ! !
2. Broken Man
3. Hard To Follow (Feat. Sen Dog)
4. Just The Beginning
5. Dear Amerika
6. And I Believe
7. Not Slippin' ----> Listen NOW ! ! !
8. Japanese Interlude
9. Everything In Between
10. Just Like You
11. My Own Deception
12. Skank
13. Marnizzle
14. Sellout
15. To All My
16. PRGB
1. Worldwide (Original Version) (Feat. Bushido)
2. As The World Turns (Feat. J. Black And Big Lee)
3. The End (Feat. Warren G, J. Black And Big Lee)
4. Still Lookin'
5. Worldwide (Bushido Beatlefield) (Feat. Bushido)

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Onan, Respect!


Strapt & Bushido - Worldwide (2005)

1. Worldwide (Original Version)
2. Worldwide (Bushido Beatlefield)

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Anônimo disse...

fodasse tá off já :( . . . . . .

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Fudeu cara o link do rapidshare tá off :(

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Po o link ñ ta funfando ¬¬
upa ai di novo..

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upa dnovo, por favor o link ta fora

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Reason: THIS FILE IS FORBIDDEN TO BE SHARED! Complaints received.

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new link ,pleace

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Please new link. thx.

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por favor posta de novo ai
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nokz disse...

o disco traseiro dado pode levantar para abaixá-lo

Strapt - Los Anarchy Chaosfornia (2005)

Anônimo disse...

Upa ai denovo

valeu cara!!

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