Gzero (2007) --> RapCore (Italy)


"I did it all for the nookie, c'mon, the nookie, c'mon…".
Do you remember this one? Well these Italians
obviously do, because GZero from Bologna sounds
on their debut album 'Feel It' in every aspect
like Limp Bizkit. Vocalist Anuar is really
trying very hard to sound like Fred Durst.

Gzero - Feel It (2007)

01. Without Breath (feat. Marta from Addiction Crew)
02. Say Rap
03. Boom! Shake The Room! (Will Smith's cover) ----> YouTube Video
04. Another Point Of View
05. My Enemy (feat. Mana from Folder)
06. Spices
07. Murphy's Law
08. Let's Get It On
09. Everything Is Possible
10. Reflection (feat. Marta from Addiction Crew & Mana from Folder)
11. Fuck Critics
12. -->
13. In The Middle Of The Show
14. <--

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