TRC (2 albums) --> UK HC / RapMetal


TRC are a 9 man wrecking machine and
formed in the spring of 2003.
Drawing influences from all over and
combining harsh, street influenced Hatecore
with strict underground UK hip hop,
they have a sound like no other which shines
through on their latest offering "North West Kings".
Obviously comparisons can be made to bands
like Krutch, Irate and early E Town Concrete
but make no mistake about it,
TRC have a sound that is strictly their own...

TRC - Destroy And Rebuild (2007)

1. Guess Who's Back???
2. Home Is Where The Art Is...
3. Beefeater
4. Destroy And Rebuild
5. Dark Days
6. Backlash
7. Sad. Fat. Desperate.
8. Vip (bouncer)
9. ...define Cocky...
10. Homegrown 2007
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TRC - North West Kings (2004)

01. The Revolution Continues ----> YouTube Video
02. Bitchslap
03. Filth
04. Hell On Earth
05. Antehn
06. My Mistake
07. Fuck You , Die Slow

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Tnx FelipeXiz 4 "2004" album

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