Jesusmartyr (2007) --> Metal


The Argentinians of the Jesusmartyr are already
on the musical stage there are 15 years and the
luggage acquired along the time is brutalmente
vacant in two launched albums, The Jesusmartyr (2005)
and principally on The Black Wat

Jesusmartyr - The Black Waters (2007)

1 End of the Era
2 Moonvalley
3 Breathless
4 What makes you burst
5 Seed of Evil
6 High at the Holy City
7 Hecatomb
8 Masses want dead
9 The Black Waters
10 Motherland
11 Damn the Jesusmartyr

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Jesusmartyr - Fire To Burn (YouTube Video)

2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

nice band!!! thx for all your works, keep up!!

Anônimo disse...

Jesus Martyr have a first album called "Sudamerican Porno",that it's the first one.They Have another formation,but it's the same band.


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