Blackeyed Blonde --> RapCore / CrossOver

"... Blackeyed Blonde was a crossover band from Germany and environment.  
The name of the band went back to the same tracks on the album 
Freaky Styley Red Hot Chili Peppers.
After the debut album We do Ya the band won the 1992 competition,
 "Saar Rocky 92" in the "crossover / Independent".
In 1993, the mini-album was released So What?, Whose cover showed
  a pyramid of buttocks. The EP debuted at number
of the Independent Charts..."



Best of Blackeyd Blonde (2000)


1 Boomerang    
2 Do Ya Like That Shit?
3 Slang
4 Spirits Of The Dead    
5 Kämpf    
6 So Hold On
7 Yo've Got A Question
8 Krieg ist geil?!
9 Fault To Believe I
10 Young Man
11 BEB Jam    
12 Du Kennst Ihn Nicht    
13 Kein Schwert
14 Spirits Of The Dead (Krupps Full.Mix)

Link: MediaFire
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