Shockwave --> NuMetal / Czech Republic

"...The band has been found at the beginning of winter 2007. After composing 7 songs
, the band had 10 gigs around home town of Šumperk, Prague and Jeseník and also 
won the 2nd place in international Polish competition Muzyczna Jesien 2007. 
At the end of the year we made a demo containing 3 songs. Also to a song called 
I seek my reality the band made a video that was used on TV Oc(ko. This demo helped
 the band to get to the semifinale of Czech Rock League, to play at Basinfirefest 
and playing at 10 different summer festivals in summer 2008. In 2009 was the most 
important gig on Masters Of Rock festival. So far Shockwave has played over 150
 concerts and the band is preparing to release their first debute album.
2011, First album called Play2Win released. Its strory
 for you and us hasn't been discovered yet..."



Shockwave - Demo (2007)


01 - Open Your Mind
02 - I Seek My Reality
03 - Voice of Last Hope

Link: MediaFire


Shockwave - Play2Win (2011)


01 - Seventeen
02 - Bullshit from above
03 - Secret passions
04 - Play2Win -----> [LISTEN the true numetal not dead]
05 - Intermezzo
06 - Consequences
07 - Lost
08 - Hopes and fears
09 - Insurrection
10 - Falling star
11 - Outro

Link: MediaFire

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