Stepchild (2012) --> RapCore / Hc / RapMetal / USA

 "...STEPCHILD was forged in the streets of San Jose, CA and honed in the studios
of Sacramento,  CA. Raised on the heavy hitters of the bay Area thrash metal scene, sharing
 the stage early on with the likes of Suicidal Tendencies, Machine Head, Exodus,
 Death Angel, Papa Roach and many more. In 2011 alone,Stepchild has shared the stage with Avenged Sevenfold,  Sevendust, Bullet For My Valentine, Seether, Taproot, Three Days Grace, Rehab, and Hed PE. The band started by a chance meeting between James Alexander, (Vocals), 
and Garrett Voorhees, (Guitar) , who were unsatisfied with the bands they were in.
 They decided to recruit long time friend, Phil “Skip” Braun, (Bass).  With their unique Punk/ Metal/ Street sound, the band gained more popularity  and watched their fan base continue to grow.
 The loyal fans of the band have even dubbed their musical style as “Maniac Metal”.





Stepchild - Run Riot (2012)


01. Intro
02. Push Shove
03. Run Riot
04. Put'Em Up
05. Maniac
06. Life Keeps Spinning Me Faster
07. Get Your Head Right
08. Blind
09. Chump Change
10. Snapped

Link: MediaFire
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