Error (2012) --> Metal / HC / Scratchs / Brazil

Metal, HardCore, Scratchs from Brazil!!!
"...With influences Metal / Hardcore / Rap, and bands like Slipknot
  more alternative / Soulfly, make a heavy sound, modern, fast and aggressive,
  with grooves and breakdowns, and scratches. .."

Ibrahim - Vox
Cesar -  Guitar
Justin - Bass 
Bob - Drums 
Deng - DJ

Error - Own Hell (2012)


1. 10113
2. Own Hell -----> [Listen]
3. Hidden Inside
4. Treze
5. Pull The Trigger
6. Trap
7. Até O Meu Fim (Feat Marcus D'Angelo - Claustrofobia)
8. Against Myself
9. Back Alive
10. I Will Destroy
11. 4.20
12. The Mask Always Fall

MediaFire (320kbps)

tnx to ERROR for share link

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:: ERROR - OWN HELL (2012) [High Quality] ::

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