Nylon Sky --> Alternative / Rock / Rap / Grunge / UK

 "...Nylon Sky is a 4 piece UK Alternative/Rock/Hip Hop band.
They have gained a strong loyal and dedicated fan base through there 
energetic, wild and passionate performances.
 Made up by Tony Humphries (Vocal’s), Tom Vernon (Lead Guitar),
Stuart Brooker (Drums) and Nai-ik Ogue (Bass Guitar), Nylon Sky’s
 journey has seen them grow from High School talent show performers
 to headliners at places like The Underworld Camden, London.
 It is a rousing, hiphop infused alternative rock song that shows strong
 influences from the likes of Linkin Park and Rage against the Machine.
 There are no obvious weaknesses in the band, the rap vocals sound real,
 not easy in Surrey I wouldn't think, and really dominate the song.
The quality of the band is clear from the moment the guitar kicks in and,
 as the song builds to the climactic and grunge-inspired chorus, you can't fail

 but to nod your head along picturing a sweaty mosh pit and lots of hair.
  If you like your rock with a Rap influence then you certainly need
 to check out these guys..."




Nylon Sky (Some Songs)


01-  So Alive
02 - Beauty is a Monster
03 - Crack
04 - Everything Falls Apart
05 - Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
06 - Man Down
07 - Miss Wood
08 - My Life
09 - Nylon Sky
10 - Take You Higher

Link: MediaFire

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