HC3 (2012) --> Alt.Metal / NuMetal / Czech Republic

"...Founded in 1996, this group has exactly what it takes to make it to the top.
 The melodic fusion of nu-metal, funky grunge rock and lyrics that hit home 
create an awe-inspiring masterpiece that anyone can relate to. Having been in 
the United States only eight months, the Czech natives are already creating a stir..."

HC3 - 12 songs about love, faith and freedom (2012)


01 The woman who loved Elvis
02 Believe
03 Desire
04 I´m your savior
05 In the air -----> [Listen]
06 Without you
07 All4you
08 Lola Angel
09 Who loves the Sex
10 Maybe she´s an Angel
11 Fairies
12 Sleepwalker

Link: MediaFire

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