Zone Libre vs. Casey & B.James --> RapMetal / French

 "...When rock collaborates with rap, it intends to break up walls. 
It breaks up the walls of formatted thinking over-broadcasting the 
overused-clichés on the black beasts of a derailed
and bankrupted world persisting to divide and conquer.
While the rap is in free zone and Zone Libreii is in red zone, the sound is like 
an uppercut, the lyrics are like a left and right hook.
"Cross our two music styles in the mess, bastard of guitars and dormitory towns"; this is
colliding Zone Libre's "free-rock" and Casey's and B.James' free rap :

two guitars, drums (Serge Teyssot-Gay, Interzone and ex-Noir Désir, Marc Sens,
experimental musician, and Cyril Bilbeaud from Versari and ex-Sloy) versus
two rappers from the Anfalsh collective (Casey : Tragédie d'une trajectoire
 and Libérez la bête, and B.James : Snuff Musik, Acte de Barbarieiii)

A new album "Les Contes du Chaos" shoots up from this encounter
, a dark album released on an indie record label. A "very-quickly-recorded"
 album, in live conditions, that reflects of the emergency of testifying 
about the world disaster, not to be distressed about it but in order
to get back on one's feet.

The furious quintet's twelve charcoaled tracks are like combustibles to
 dance in the middle of rubble..."



Zone Libre vs. Casey & B.James - Les contes du chaos (2011)


1 Vengeance     5:20    
2 Quartiers Destructeurs     4:03    
3 Les Contes Du Chaos     5:48    
4 Si Tu M'Demandes     3:47    
5 A La Seconde Près     5:47    
6 Toujours Les Mêmes     3:05    
7 Carnet De Ma Cage     10:16    
8 Médiocratie     3:40    
9 La Marque De La Chaine     3:17    
10 Haut Lieu Du Scabreux     5:00    
11 Ce Que Je Suis     4:03    
12 Aiguise Moi Ca     5:31

Link: MediaFire
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