Pavilhão 9 (Discography)

 "...The band was formed in the neighborhood of Grajaú in 1990. The name was
 taken from one of the pavilions Carandiru prison. Two years later, the group
 released their first album: Primeiro Ato. One of the songs on the album, 
entitled Otários Fardados generated enough controversy. Disgusted with the letter,
 the police ended up finding the phone and started to threaten label the band. 
[Citation needed] For security reasons, vocalist Rho$$i (started adopting this spelling)
 and the other members began to present hiding his face behind caps, masks and 
paintings hockey player. In 1994, Hall 9 released their second album,
 Procurados Vivos Ou Mortos by Music Paradoxx. Three years later, the same label,
 the group recorded Cadeia Nacional, recorded, mixed and produced by 
Beto Machado (Bob Mac). With lyrics that talk about social problems faced in 
suburbs of large cities and criticism of police violence, the Pavilhão 9 again 
 generating controversy with his 1999 album, Se Deus Vier,Que Venha Armado
 which had the image of Jesus Christ on the cover . Apart from the reaction of
 the Catholic Church and conservative politicians, the CD also generated the end
 of the contract with the label Paradoxx. In 2000, they signed a contract with 
Warner Music. In the presentation at Rock in Rio in 2001, vocalist Rho$$i and
 the other members made ??their first public appearance without disguise, 
after ten years using a cap ninja..."
  "... After five years away from the stage, the rap group Pavilhão 9 resumed its
 original lineup to perform at the Lollapalooza festival. As the group's heyday
 in the '90s, when they wore masks to protect their identity, members of the 
Pavilhão took the stage wearing accessory and presented their best known tracks
. The hit Otários Fardados - direct criticism of Police of São Paulo - appealed 
to nostalgic fans and also the security of the stage, which is controlled not to sing 
and jump. 
 "We started masked, but now is the clean face,"said vocalist to boot adornment..."




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Carlos disse...

muito bom...mas o "reação" ta com o link errado

H$ disse...

Obrigado por avisar... link ON agora

Anônimo disse...

_Pavalhão 9 a 320Kbps ?? Pensava que Nunca veria isso... Valeu mesmo...

Unknown disse...

Cade o Antes Durante Depois de 2017, discografia TOP demais man! Noix!

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