Thell Barrio (2009) --> HateCore / Mexico

 "...In the suburbs of Zapopan Jalisco lower in 2004 did the idea of several different bands
 recognized members of the local scene Juan Hernandez (Pablo Loco, Guitar)
Samuel Martinez (Jueguero, Bass) Santiago Francisco (Pancho Coli, Drums)
Hector Orozco (Lupe Charro, Guitar) Oscar Cortez (Chivo Zapopan, percussion)
 Jose Maria Valenzuela (El Gallo, vocals) formed the band with the intention of mixing
 his love of aggressive music with the pride of being Mexican, is the basis of his music
 each of the members covered his face because Thell Barrio is faceless, Thell Barrio is
 the voice of the people from the surviving worker on the minimum wage or the student
 who never had a chance and took refuge in drugs to an ordinary person who sanity and
 loses control of his life and ends up in prison. Thell Barrio is the look to the way of life in
 the streets of mexico corners neighborhoods seeing the potential of our culture stalled
 by ignorance of history ruined by the power in the wrong hands feeling pride oprecion
resists the power, courage forces the story of a people who never stop beating
VIVA MEXICO!  VIVAThell Barrio !..."




Thell Barrio - Locos Hijos Del Sol (2009)


01 – Intro
02 – Latino
03 – Locos Hijos del Sol
04 – Antes de Morir
05 – Sentimientos de la Nacion
06 – Mi Verdadera Familia
07 – Yo no lo Mate
08 – Justicia o Muerte
09 – Mirada de Criminal
10 – Caer

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